About Tidy Cords

Tidy Cords™ provide an easy and secure solution to organize and contain the length of a cable into a neat flat bundle, offering several benefits:

  1. Space-saving: By neatly bundling cables, Tidy Cords™ help economize space and create compact storage solutions. This is particularly useful for areas where multiple cables are used, such as offices, entertainment centers, or workshops.
  2. Prevent Tangling: Tidy Cords™ prevent cables from tangling, reducing frustration and saving time when setting up or using electronic devices. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals who frequently work with electronic equipment or have multiple devices connected to each other.
  3. Safety: Straggling cords can pose a tripping hazard and contribute to a cluttered and disorganized environment. Tidy Cords™ help minimize this risk by keeping cables neatly bundled and out of the way, promoting a safer living or working space.

Manufacturers typically ship products with neatly bundled and secured electrical power cords to minimize shipping space, presenting an attractive package to consumers. However, once the original tie wire securing the bundled cord is undone, it can be challenging to re-bundle and secure the cord in the same neat manner. This often results in a disorganized and tangled mess of cords, which not only takes up space but also creates potential safety hazards.

Given the diverse range of power cables, cords, and wiring used by consumers, there is a significant need for a quick, simple, and cost-effective solution to organize and secure untangled cords, whether they are in use or being stored. Tidy Cords™ address this need by providing an efficient and practical method for managing cables in various settings, from homes to offices to commercial spaces.

p products that have electrical power cords neatly bundled and secured to minimize shipping space. This presents a neat and attractive package to the consumer. The problem for consumers is once the original tie wire that secures the bundled cord is undone it is very difficult to re-bundle and secure the cord in any fashion that resembles the original neat bundle that the manufacturer supplied. This generally leaves you with a disorganized, space consuming and jumbled mess of tangled cords. Straggling cords can also be a dangerous trip hazard.

Consumers rely on so many different types of power cables, cords and other wiring. There is a huge need for a quick, simple and inexpensive method to organize and secure untangled cords whether the cords are in use or are being stored. Some electrical devices are equipped with permanent electrical cords while others are equipped with detachable electrical cords that can be removed and stored when not in use.


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Tidy Cords™ provide an easy and secure method to manage and contain a cord’s length into a neat, flat bundle for economy of space, compact storage and prevent tangling


1. Fold the full length of the cable/cord/wire /rope over itself into sufficient loops to form a bundle approximately as long as or
slightly longer than the Tidy Cords™
2. Squeeze open the Tidy Cords™
3. Insert the folded loops into either end of the Tidy Cords™ and push towards the opposite end until both sides of the
bundle extend out equally.
4. Tidy Cords™ gives you an untangled cable/cord while saving space.

Tidy Cords™ Products

Material: PE

3” X 2.5” Diameter TRANSLUCENT (small & thin cords)

4” X 3“ Diameter BLACK (medium width & length cords)

5” X 4“  BLACK (thicker width & medium/longer cords)

Frustrated when you find electric cables/cords you haven’t used in ages and can’t remember what device they relate to? You can use ‘an erasable or permanent marker’ to write directly onto Tidy Cords™ and record which device the cord matches and resolve the problem forever!