OK, I admit it. I get joy from being organized and tidy. Chaos drives me crazy.

As a seasoned Real Estate Broker, I’ve witnessed firsthand how dangling or poorly managed cords and cables can detract from the appearance and appeal of various spaces, including kitchens, closets, bathrooms, and more. In my own experience, attempting to keep cords neat using traditional methods often proved time-consuming and ineffective. This is particularly true for smaller cables used with personal electronic devices, which require frequent tying and untying throughout the day, leading to frustration and wasted energy.


After extensive research and experimentation, I realized that the existing products on the market and do-it-yourself solutions didn’t fully meet my needs. While some products were available, they often didn’t offer the simplicity, quickness, ease of use, neatness, flexibility, durability, space-saving capabilities, or affordability that I desired. Additionally, I wanted to avoid dealing with plastic ties, snaps, zippers, or Velcro, as these could be cumbersome and inconvenient.

Initially, I considered replicating the concept of using toilet paper rolls in different sizes, but I soon discovered that this approach was impractical, especially for cords and cables that needed to fit into portable bags, cases, and other compact spaces. The bulkiness of the rolls often led to tangled messes, defeating the purpose of organization.

Realizing the need for a more innovative solution, I envisioned a product that not only organized cords and cables efficiently but also flattened them to optimize space and prevent tangling. This led me to develop Tidy Cords™, a cord management solution that addresses all these needs and provides a simple, effective, and versatile way to organize cords and cables in various settings.


After a long and frustrating journey to find a solution to tangled cords, I developed Tidy Cords™, an incredibly simple yet effective polyethylene sleeve designed to store electrical cords. Tidy Cords™ offer an easy and secure method to neatly bundle cords, making them ideal for saving space and travel. To use, simply fold the cord over itself to create opposing loops and insert it into the open end of the sleeve. Cords can be removed from Tidy Cords™ just as untangled as they were inserted. Available in various sizes, this versatile design is suitable for short and long lengths of personal electronic device cords, appliance cords, industrial electrical cords, wiring, rope, and heavy string.


Tidy Cords™ not only improve the appearance of cords while in use but also ensure they are safely out of the way. Our experience has shown that cords stored in Tidy Cords™ experience less wear and tear, resulting in longer lifespans. Additionally, Tidy Cords™ are perfect for organizing multiple cords from different devices, such as those found on desks or TV tables, that plug into the same electrical outlet. This versatile solution keeps cords tidy, organized, and easily accessible, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics in any setting.

Cables and Cords come in so many lengths and widths. That is why we offer 3 different sizes in both length, width and inside diameter.
Available to buy directly from our website.


Cables and Cords come in so many lengths and widths. That is why we offer 3 different sizes in both length, width and inside diameter.

Available to buy directly from our website.


We believe in Tidy Cords that our product is so strong that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY



I developed Tidy Cords™ out of frustration from constantly finding electrical cords that I hadn’t used in ages and couldn’t remember which device they belonged to. To address this problem once and for all, I designed Tidy Cords™ to be used with an “erasable” marker, allowing users to write directly onto the sleeve and label which device the cord corresponds to. This innovative feature ensures that cords remain organized and easily identifiable, eliminating the need for guesswork or confusion.

Furthermore, Tidy Cords™ sleeves are reusable and easy to maintain. Simply use a damp cloth to remove the marker wording, allowing the sleeve to be used again and again. This practical solution not only streamlines cord management but also promotes sustainability by reducing waste and the need for disposable labeling solutions.

With Tidy Cords™, you can finally say goodbye to the frustration of misplaced cords and confidently keep your electronic devices organized and functional.

Diane Plant